Filter Cartridges


We offer a wide range of cartridge types, grades and styles, suitable for most applications including filtration of ingredients, products, process water, steam, gases, tank venting.

Cartridges are available for removal of particulates, haze, microbiological contaminants  and colour/flavour/odour, including critical applications such as 'sterile' filling (control of spoilage organisms), water de-chlorination, cryptosporidium removal.

Please contact us for advice on the most appropriate solution to your filtration needs.

A small selection of downloadable guides and datasheets is below, more available on request

.FT-10 Cartridge Filters

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Download this file (07 - SupaGard.pdf)07 - SupaGard.pdf[SupaGard - spun bonded polypropylene, nominal rated]377 Kb
Download this file (03 - SupaPleat II.pdf)03 - SupaPleat II.pdf[SupaPleat - pleated membrane]248 Kb
Download this file (06 - SupaCarb.pdf)06 - SupaCarb.pdf[SupaCarb - Carbon block]181 Kb
Download this file (16VPW - SupaPore VPW.pdf)16VPW - SupaPore VPW.pdf[SupaPore VPW - Single layer PES membranes]210 Kb
Download this file (16FPW - SupaPore FPW.pdf)16FPW - SupaPore FPW.pdf[SupaPore FPW - Borosilicate microfibre]200 Kb
Download this file (04 - SupaSpun II.pdf)SupaSpunII Filter Cartridges[SupaSpun II - Spun-bonded polypropylene, absolute rated]202 Kb
Download this file (Food and Beverage Industry Sheet.pdf)Food and Beverage Industry Sheet.pdf[Food and Beverage Applications]987 Kb
Download this file (Beverage Capabilities Presentation Rev1 2009.pdf)Beverage Capabilities Presentation Rev1 2009.pdf[Beverage Applications overview]273 Kb

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