logo_-_filterWe can advise on the most appropriate methods of filtering for your particular product and supply equipment including horizontal leaf 'powder ('kieselguhr' or 'diatomaceous earth') filters, sheet ('plate') filters and cartridge ('candle') filters.

In addition to the hardware, we offer supplies of consumable items: a wide range of powder: perlites and kieselguhr, sheets and cartridges.

We are agents for AMAZON filters, cartridge filtration specialists.



FT-01 Sheet Filter1FT-02 Filter Housings1FT-03 Powder Filter1FT-02 Filter Housings2FT-02 Filter Housings3FT-10 Cartridge FiltersFT-11 Filter SheetsFT-05 StrainerFT-06 StrainerFT-01 Sheet Filter2FT-07 Strainer

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Download this file (Filter - Sheet FT-01.pdf)Filter - Sheet FT-01.pdf[Sheet Filters FT-01]160 Kb
Download this file (051_Filter - Cartridge FT-02 Updated.pdf)051_Filter - Cartridge FT-02 Updated.pdf[Cartridge Filters FT-02]213 Kb
Download this file (FT03 Filter - Kieselguhr.pdf)FT03 Filter Powder[ ]151 Kb
Download this file (CarlsonXE.pdf)CarlsonXE.pdf[Carlson XE Filter sheets]91 Kb
Download this file (72 Series.pdf)72 Series.pdf[Amazon 72-series housings]490 Kb
Download this file (64 Series.pdf)64 Series.pdf[Amazon 64-series housings]806 Kb
Download this file (51 Series.pdf)51 Series.pdf[Amazon 51-series housings]880 Kb
Download this file (28 Series.pdf)28 Series.pdf[Filter Housings - Plastic]501 Kb
Download this file (Pricing12-10-10KieselguhrFiltersCUSTOMER.pdf)Pricing12-10-10KieselguhrFiltersCUSTOMER.pdf[FT-03 Kieselguhr filters PRICES]17 Kb

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