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Processing equipment available includes pumps, valves, hoses, pipe fittings, strainers, flowmeters, and ancillaries such as air compressors and steam generators.

We can supply a range of small stainless steel tanks from stock, or any size, built-to-order.

Options include cooling jackets, insulation, variable capacity lids, pressure-rating, agitators. A variety of fittings is available, including spray-cleaning heads, manways, level gauges, sightglasses, pressure- and vacuum-relief.

Smaller vessels suitable for storage and transport are also available, including Oil canisters and beer kegs/casks.

 PR-01 Carbonator AeratorPR-03 Cooling PlatesTE-01 CO2 TesterPR-02 Pumps1PR-09 PasteuriserPR-05 HydropressPR-07 Crusher DestermmerPR-08 Neck FreezerPR-10 Carbonator

Download this file (Pasteuriser - Water bath type for bottles PA-02.pdf)Pasteuriser - Water bath type for bottles PA-02.pdf[Pastueriser - in-bottle, waterbath-type]209 Kb
Download this file (Carbonator Aerator PR-01.pdf)Carbonator Aerator PR-01.pdf[Carbonator / Aerator device]159 Kb
Download this file (Pumps PR-02.pdf)Pumps PR-02.pdf[Pumps - various]167 Kb
Download this file (Carbonation Testers TE-01.pdf)Carbonation Testers TE-01.pdf[Carbonation testers TE-01]181 Kb
Download this file (Cooling Panels PR-03.pdf)Cooling Panels PR-03.pdf[Cooliing panels]130 Kb
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