Rinsers and Washers

logo_-_rinsefillThere are a variety of bottle rinsers and blowers.  The usual aim with these is to guard against foreign bodies in the product by removing potential contaminants from new containers.

Washing machines are also available to clean and sterilise / re-use dirty bottles, and there are devices for washing the bottle exterior.

Rinser - Manual 2 head 01MRinser - Semi Automatic Rotary 01MBottle Washer - Automatic 01Mexternal washer dryer

Download this file (Washer Dryer - Automatic 1200bph WD-02.pdf)Washer Dryer - Automatic 1200bph WD-02.pdf[Auto Washer/dryer]152 Kb
Download this file (Washer Dryer - Automatic 500bph WD-01.pdf)Washer Dryer - Automatic 500bph WD-01.pdf[Auto Washer/dryer]204 Kb
Download this file (Rinser - Manual RI-01.pdf)Rinser - Manual RI-01.pdf[Rinser - manual 2-head]177 Kb

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