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logo_-_pack_There are sleeve sealers/shrink tunnels (for multi-pack wrapping), chamber-types (for high clarity, security packing and retail units), and stretch wrappers (for palletised goods).

Machines are manual, semi- or fully -automatic.

WR-02 Shrink WrapperWR-03 Shrink WrapperPA-01 Case TaperWR-01 Pallet WrapperWR-05 Shrink WrapperPA-03 Collecting TablePA-05 Pallet Truck

Download this file (WR02 Shrink Wrapper - Semi Automatic.pdf)WR02 Shrink Wrapper - Semi Automatic.pdf[Shrink wrapper - semi-automatic]242 Kb
Download this file (Wrapper - Semi Automatic WR-01.pdf)Wrapper - Semi Automatic WR-01.pdf[Pallet stretch wrapper]115 Kb
Download this file (Case Taper- Semi Automatic PA-01.pdf)Case Taper- Semi Automatic PA-01.pdf[Case taper, semi-automatic PA-01]215 Kb
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