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New website for Liquid Solutions

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We have just designed the brand new website for Liquid Solutions. The old website was getting a little long in the tooth and was very hard for anyone to update and as a result it remained largely static. So, we decided to upgrade it to make it a lot more simple to change and to take advantage of new web technologies that will allow our site to have a lot more self-optimising content. We engaged Click here to visit Lightquick web DesignLightquick Web Design to perform the update. They seamlessly transferred all the content from the old site to the new, added new functionality and made the new site so much more pretty than the old. We used a technology called a Content Management system which allows anyone to add content to any page straight from a browser. The CMS we used is called Joomla and is a state-of-the-art Content Management System competing with the very best. I can say we are very happy with the result.

A word from the webmaster: The site has been built using the CMS functionality of a tool called Joomla. This CMS is the easiest of all Content Management Systems for entering new information, new content and even allowing guests to comment on everything within the site. We chose Joomla 1.5 as it is the most up to date version of Joomla, it is flexible and the client gets the cutting edge of current open source web technology. On this page you will find news, newsflashes, a tag cloud, recently modified articles, easy access to all the pages, a user selectable look and feel (site colours) and so much more beneath the skin. Contact us here if you're interested in the same.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 February 2013 22:31

Teerenpeli Brewery and Whisky Distillery in Finland

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Teerenpeli Brewery and Whisky Distillery in Finland has recently installed a complete new bottling line capable of up to 3,000 bottles per hour, complete with automatic self-adhesive labeller for front, back and neck labels supplied by LIQUID SOLUTIONS.  We expect to make an upgrade next year to add a security seal to their popular 500ml swing-stopper bottle.

Teerenpeli, situated in Lahti, 100km north of Helskinki, supplies its delicious beer to hundreds of outlets including its own pubs and restaurants and is now able to send its products further afield thanks to the bottling facility. Click here to visit Teerenpeli English Brewery's site.

Last Updated on Sunday, 13 December 2009 18:33

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