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1. Organic Growth North of the Border
(Tanks and Processing/Latest)
... bottle sizes: 500 and 330ml.  It operates on a 'belt' system to smooth labels onto a rotating bottle as it passes along the conveyer.  Similar machines are available to cope with speeds up to ...
2. Liquid Solutions supplies largest Irish Brewery
(Tanks and Processing/Latest)
... 2,500 per hour on 'Celebration Stout', one of over a dozen brews available in bottle. The labeller is capable of applying transparent or opaque labels, paper or plastic, and has a hot foil printer for ...
... full of stock.  References from satisfied customers are often available and viewings can be arranged, particularly with more expensive items like automatic bottling machinery. Q.  What if I have a problem ...
4. Boxes/Trays/Wrap
We can source or supply cardboard boxes or trays and plastic shrink-wrap suitable for outer or retail packaging of products. Certain items are available 'off-the-shelf' though most are made to order, ...
5. Tanks, Processing
... of fittings is available, including spray-cleaning heads, manways, level gauges, sightglasses, pressure- and vacuum-relief. Smaller vessels suitable for storage and transport are also available, including ...
6. Caps and Capsules
A variety of bottle closures are available, including crown caps, aluminium screw caps ('ROPP'), plastic screw caps, natural and synthetic corks and stoppers, PVC 'shrink' ,polylaminate and tin capsules. ...
7. Filter Cartridges
... venting. Cartridges are available for removal of particulates, haze, microbiological contaminants  and colour/flavour/odour, including critical applications such as 'sterile' filling (control of spoilage ...
8. Monoblocks
    Many combinations of functions are available within one unit, for example: typical rotary rinser/filler/capper machines with additional capper types; fillers with integrated labellers and ...
9. Labelling
Machines are available for application of self-adhesive and wet-glue style labels. Range includes manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines for both styles, with options such as front, back, ...
10. Rinsers and Washers
... are also available to clean and sterilise / re-use dirty bottles, and there are devices for washing the bottle exterior.  ...
11. Processing
Processing equipment available includes pumps, valves, hoses, pipe fittings, strainers, flowmeters, and ancillaries such as air compressors and steam generators. We can supply a range of small stainless ...
12. Crushers and Presses
... basket types to continuous belt presses, for juice extraction Various machines are available for rapeseed, biodiesel or olive oil production.      ...

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