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... wrappers, stretch wrappers; powder, sheet, cartridge and membrane filters; carbonators, pasteurisers, tanks, pumps, pipework, hoses, fittings; crushers, presses, juicers, oil extractors; bottles, caps, ...
2. Filter Sheets and Powder
... 'filter aids') suitable for use in horizontal leaf filters, plate-and-frame, or others. There is a wide range of grades with different permeabilities and absorption characterisics, plus other materials ...
3. Filter Cartridges
Agents for AMAZON FILTERS We offer a wide range of cartridge types, grades and styles, suitable for most applications including filtration of ingredients, products, process water, steam, gases, tank ...
4. Consumables
  We sell a range of filter materials: cartridges (agents for AMAZON Filters), sheets, powder, and can arrange supply of packaging items: bottles, caps, labels, boxes/trays, plastic film. Click on ...
5. Filtration
We can advise on the most appropriate methods of filtering for your particular product and supply equipment including horizontal leaf 'powder ('kieselguhr' or 'diatomaceous earth') filters, sheet ('plate') ...
6. Equipment
... Crushers and Presses .  Processing .  Filters .   Rinsers and Washers .   Fillers .  Cappers/Corkers/Capsulers .  Labellers .   Monoblocks/Multifunction .  Wrappers ...
7. Links
(Uncategorised Content)
... companies in this list and we are confident that you will benefit by visiting any listed. We will be adding to this list as time progresses... Amazon Filters Ltd is one of Europe’s leading filtration ...

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