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1. Organic Growth North of the Border
(Tanks and Processing/Latest)
... of their 100% organic beer brands, at home and in export markets (including England!). The labeller is capable of up to 3,000 bottles per hour, applying a full wrap-around body label on two different ...
2. Liquid Solutions supplies largest Irish Brewery
(Tanks and Processing/Latest)
... to say there is any insular thinking at Porterhouse: aside from the four bars and hotel in Dubin, there's a bar in London and now in Shanghai, plus beers are exported to various countries including the ...
3. Sticking with SA LABELS
(Tanks and Processing/Latest)
... can supply in commercial quantities or small runs (via digital technique). Quality is excellent thanks to state-of-the-art printing equipment, including the exclusive 'ULTRAFLEX' technology, and examples ...
4. Labels
We can arrange supply of  high quality printed labels to enhance your products.  We are agents for SA LABELS, specialising in self-adhesive labels, offering a full service including artwork and origination. ...
5. Boxes/Trays/Wrap
... including custom sizes, shapes and printing.  ...
6. Tanks, Processing
... of fittings is available, including spray-cleaning heads, manways, level gauges, sightglasses, pressure- and vacuum-relief. Smaller vessels suitable for storage and transport are also available, including ...
7. Caps and Capsules
A variety of bottle closures are available, including crown caps, aluminium screw caps ('ROPP'), plastic screw caps, natural and synthetic corks and stoppers, PVC 'shrink' ,polylaminate and tin capsules. ...
8. Filter Sheets and Powder
We offer a range of sheet sizes and grades suitable for most applications including clarification and microbe removal. Also,  kieselguhr, perlite and simlilar filter powders ('diatomaceous earth' or  ...
9. Filter Cartridges
Agents for AMAZON FILTERS We offer a wide range of cartridge types, grades and styles, suitable for most applications including filtration of ingredients, products, process water, steam, gases, tank ...
10. Filtration
We can advise on the most appropriate methods of filtering for your particular product and supply equipment including horizontal leaf 'powder ('kieselguhr' or 'diatomaceous earth') filters, sheet ('plate') ...
11. Processing
... steel tanks from stock, or any size, built-to-order. Options include cooling jackets, insulation, variable capacity lids, pressure-rating, agitators. A variety of fittings is available, including spray-cleaning ...
12. Other
(Uncategorised Content)
A variety of other equipment is offered, including label printers, breweries, CO2 alarms, nitrogen generators. laboratory items. If you want it, ask and we may be able to supply it!  ...

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