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... and true after-CARE. Q.  Why don't you have prices for everything on the website A. We try to provide 'example' or budget pricing, but it's difficult to keep up-to-date pricing for all standard items, ...
2. Boxes/Trays/Wrap
We can source or supply cardboard boxes or trays and plastic shrink-wrap suitable for outer or retail packaging of products. Certain items are available 'off-the-shelf' though most are made to order, ...
3. Caps and Capsules
...  Personalised printing and a variety of colours is available on most items.  ...
4. Consumables
  We sell a range of filter materials: cartridges (agents for AMAZON Filters), sheets, powder, and can arrange supply of packaging items: bottles, caps, labels, boxes/trays, plastic film. Click on ...
5. Filtration
... filters and cartridge ('candle') filters. In addition to the hardware, we offer supplies of consumable items: a wide range of powder: perlites and kieselguhr, sheets and cartridges. We are agents for ...
6. Other
(Uncategorised Content)
A variety of other equipment is offered, including label printers, breweries, CO2 alarms, nitrogen generators. laboratory items. If you want it, ask and we may be able to supply it!  ...

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