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1. Liquid Solutions supplies largest Irish Brewery
(Tanks and Processing/Latest)
... 2,500 per hour on 'Celebration Stout', one of over a dozen brews available in bottle. The labeller is capable of applying transparent or opaque labels, paper or plastic, and has a hot foil printer for ...
2. Labels
...  Options include full colour printing, metallics, foil blocking, embossing and tactile printing, on a variety of paper and plastic materials.  ...
3. Boxes/Trays/Wrap
We can source or supply cardboard boxes or trays and plastic shrink-wrap suitable for outer or retail packaging of products. Certain items are available 'off-the-shelf' though most are made to order, ...
4. Caps and Capsules
A variety of bottle closures are available, including crown caps, aluminium screw caps ('ROPP'), plastic screw caps, natural and synthetic corks and stoppers, PVC 'shrink' ,polylaminate and tin capsules. ...
5. Bottles
We can supply a limited range of glass or plastic bottles or advise on other sources: manufacturers and merchants both in the UK and overseas.  ...
6. Consumables
  We sell a range of filter materials: cartridges (agents for AMAZON Filters), sheets, powder, and can arrange supply of packaging items: bottles, caps, labels, boxes/trays, plastic film. Click on ...
7. Labelling
... neck, 'top strap' labels,ability to use clear plastic labels, non-cylindrical containers, orientation of bottles. There are a variety of possible extras such as lot code / date printers and capsulers. ...
8. Capping
Machines offered range from simple manual crown cappers and cap tighteners to semi-automatic ROPP screw cappers and fully automatic pick-and-place plastic screw cappers. There are also various corking ...

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